If Albanians were Romanized, would their language be more similar to Romanian or Dalmatian?

First Impression This is a very interesting hypothetical question, and right off the top I am tempted to say a fully romanized Albanian language would now share similarities with both the currently extinct Dalmatian and with Romanian, because these last two themselves seem very alike, and the historical Albanian territories have been between Dalmatia and Romanian […]

Which Alphabet Would Be Most Suitable For the Phonology of Romanian – Cyrillic or Latin?

The short answer is, the formerly used Romanian Cyrillic alphabet (used before 1830 when the transition towards Latin started and many reforms ensued) is more suitable for the phonology of the Romanian language than the current Romanian Latin alphabet. The long answer will first establish the definitions of alphabets and phonemics, then proceed to define the criteria for […]

How Do You Say “Dark” in Romanian?

When referring to the proper meaning, as to the absence of light in space or regarding a color, in Romanian the most common word is the adjective întunecos/-oasă (masc./fem. gender) with the plural întunecoși/-oase. It comes from the noun întuneric, darkness, ultimately (there is also an adjectival form from the participle întunecat) from the verb a se întuneca, to get dark, to darken. The long infinitive form of […]

Twelve Languages I Would Like to Speak and Why

Latin – The main language of European knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance; the language of my ancestors, of science, law, Catholicism. Greek – Ancient, Koine, Byzantine, Modern – the most important language of Antiquity for the Western World. The most important medieval language for Orthodoxy. Sanskrit – The Indian Subcontinent equivalent of the above. […]

Languages: Italian versus Romanian – Brief Comparison

Italian is studied in Romania, but I wouldn’t say it’s in the top three languages studied in school, which in the last 25 years have been English, French and German, largely. That doesn’t take into account private tutoring and private study. It is definitely very accessible in terms of resources. And for us [Romanians], Italian is […]

Romanian Spoken in Romania and Moldova vs. Serbo-Croatian

The difference between the case of Serbia, Croatia and the Serbo-Croatian language on one hand and Romania, the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian language on the other, are the following. In the case of serbo-Croatian, although extremely similar, there are different official standards, one in Serbia, one in Croatia; whereas the Romanian taught in […]