If you could use one word to describe the state of the world today, what would it be and why?

The word I would use to describe the human world today would be misguided. Mankind is misguided today and has been for quite a while because:

  • It is depleting its resources in a wasteful manner and faster than they can be replenished;
  • It is destroying its own habitat without having a replacement or possibility for reversal;
  • It has created multiple civilizations, none of which has been able to achieve a satisfactory minimum level of quality of life; the poorest people still live in inhumane conditions; the very few richest people own more than the all of the rest put together;
  • The human population is increasing beyond control in underdeveloped nations and decreasing or stagnating in most developed ones;
  • An entire continent of 1 billion people, Africa, has a huge demographics versus quality of life problem with no solution in sight;
  • Mankind is appropriating technology at a faster rate than it can safely adapt to it; we don’t need most of what cell phones and computers do; they are wasting our time and changing for the worse the way we interact with each other;
  • Developed societies have come to expect satisfaction of their perceived needs too fast, ignoring long term planning, use, sense, functionality and negative effects; work is done faster, poorer, cheaper with the expectation of sooner repair or renewal; a laptop lasts 3 years to the dot, a cell phone lasts 1 year, “they don’t make ’em like they used to”, compare a pair of shoes today with one made in the twenties;
  • On the other hand, mankind is not inventing enough solutions for its real problems; we are still flying the same airplanes, still relying on fossil fuels, still don’t all have access to water, food, heat/ac, electricity, knowledge, still don’t have cures for old diseases;
  • In the most developed societies, average people are losing touch with reality and becoming trapped in a bubble of Netflix at home, podcasts in the car/train on the way to work, music in the headphones at work, stuck in their cubicle without really talking to each other; also, people are more and more alienated from the product of their work;
  • Mankind is heading to a point where in developed societies, in the services sector most people aren’t contributing anything of real use and most of the services they provide won’t work properly anymore: booking services online, there’s often errors; trying to book appointments with doctors, you need months in advance; many to most services are done online or via phone, where you can’t have enough contact with the service provider: try and contact someone from skype or google;
  • Most markets are moving online, empowering behemoths like amazon and depriving people of the immediacy of ownership and of touching, trying, comparing merchandise and interacting with other humans;
  • Small business providers are moving from the physical world into the digital app world, until they’ll be purged there too by oligarchies; which will be the next medium?
  • The protection awarded to companies and the private sector is giving them power beyond control; the average has less and less rights and is becoming exploited by them, from the process of applying for a job, where one sends applications incessantly into an invisible abyss, until someone chooses them, to the benefits provided at work, to the way in which companies dismiss their employees once they are deemed as not needed anymore;
  • Mankind is still unable to evolve to a more natural and efficient way of administering itself, still describing its politics with terms like left and right;
  • Right wing politics and populism continue to gain ground through advocating individual freedom to prosper, while left wing politics is failing to establish and administer a necessary minimum of social equality and governmental regulation, which continues to propagate financial deregulation aka greed is good which in turn prevents a normal fluctuation of economy turning it into steep growth and catastrophic chain reaction crashes;
  • Mankind is still failing to mitigate its penchant for tribal organization, its natural state, with its desire for a superior, kinder, more civilized form of organization, the nation – which is also a natural expression, that of the civilizational progress attained ever since the primitive communal system;
  • The implementation of supernatural entities, such as the EU, ought to focus on cooperation between nations instead of cooperation between tribes: political, economical, social classes;
  • Individual rights, although having achieved progress in the last century that was unseen before, often serve as a detraction from the important issues, are not granted properly, are still considered privileges in certain very developed countries, are still inexistent in many underdeveloped countries and are often blamed for problems they do not cause;
  • The maintaining of one single global military superpower which does not have a special talent for diplomacy, is culturally decadent and has a lot of ideas for economic exploitation helps maintain inequality in the world;
  • The extreme conservatism of certain societies founded on medieval concepts and flawed morals coupled with perpetual poverty and social stagnation certainly help maintaining inequality in the world;
  • When the last two points meet, the result is Rome vs Barbarians and Barbarians vs Rome…exploitation vs terrorism caused by extremist groups;
  • Humanity still has and won’t let go of nuclear weapons;
  • Most people aren’t aware or won’t aknowledge any of these.



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