Twelve Languages I Would Like to Speak and Why

Latin – The main language of European knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance; the language of my ancestors, of science, law, Catholicism. Greek – Ancient, Koine, Byzantine, Modern – the most important language of Antiquity for the Western World. The most important medieval language for Orthodoxy. Sanskrit – The Indian Subcontinent equivalent of the above. […]

Why Did Romanians Switch to the Latin Alphabet?

Short Answer In the XIX century Romanians switched back from the Cyrilic to the Latin alphabet in an effort to: 1.Emphasize the Latin heritage and their political and territorial primacy in the lands they were and are inhabiting; 2.Reaffirm their ethnic and cultural continuity in those lands; 3.Consolidate their connection to the other Latin speaking […]

Consequences of the Golden Horde Rule in the Romanian Lands

In those times the concept of nation and ethnicity were unknown or bleak. Populations with different origins, culture, language, religion and lifestyle were living in proximity to each other. In addition to the autochthonous Romanic native populations, the others were recent and nomadic, mainly Cumans and Pechenegs, or had settled there throughout the Middle Ages, […]