Languages: Italian versus Romanian – Brief Comparison

Italian is studied in Romania, but I wouldn’t say it’s in the top three languages studied in school, which in the last 25 years have been English, French and German, largely. That doesn’t take into account private tutoring and private study. It is definitely very accessible in terms of resources. And for us [Romanians], Italian is […]

Romanian Spoken in Romania and Moldova vs. Serbo-Croatian

The difference between the case of Serbia, Croatia and the Serbo-Croatian language on one hand and Romania, the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian language on the other, are the following. In the case of serbo-Croatian, although extremely similar, there are different official standards, one in Serbia, one in Croatia; whereas the Romanian taught in […]

Romanian: The Forgotten Romance Language (by Langfocus)

In late November 2016 I helped out in the production of a video on the Romanian language by furnishing audio clips with Romanian words and providing some clarifications about the language. I was recommended by my friend Alfredo Ramirez, one of the organizers of the Houston Polyglot Cafe Language Exchange meetup. The video was produced and written […]